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Wedding AV hire in Manchester with UTC TECH is ready to deliver to your venue or location, UTC Tech Services can manage all aspects of you wedding AV. AV makes the whole event enjoyable, whether its big band, disco, classical or punk ! indoor or outdoor  its your day your choice.

If you are booking wedding AV hire on  behalf of the bride and groom,  we can assist by hiring and helping you to get things in place. We have a full range of sound and lighting equipment and also can provide Staging rigging and trusses,  to ensure your stages are built to meet the expectation of the day, all suitable for wedding AV hire internal and external venues.  We can also  provide consultancy if you need help ensuring safety and understanding all aspects of the audio visual ability. This can be aranged at any time up to 5 days before the actual event. We are happy to discuss your needs during the booking process.

Wedding AV hire is made simple at UTC Tech Services, whether you  are a professional or a keen to do it yourself we will be able to help at what ever level is needed. Our experience of over 1000 weddings at UTC EVENTS allows us to be able to state we have seen most things and understand when and how to avoid issues.

Wedding AV Hire is just one of the services that we can bring to the wedding. UTC Entertainment have a range of acts and performers ready to make your event special. None less than the 2019 TWIA award act Under The Covers.

Wedding AV Hire

Our room and event theming mixes both wedding and corporate events and we can offer full service across your wedding to make sure you spend less time stressed and more time enjoying the build up. We are partners to Caterers internal and external. Drinks solutions for external events, flowers and Photographers

If you simply need Wedding AV hire then you will know that UTC TECH Service are more than just a AV Supplier in Manchester. We really do understand weddings and what it means to you or your clients.